We are ready to support you as you integrate in Romania!

If you have settled in Bucharest, Suceava or Brasov after fleeing from the war, we are ready to assist you the best we can, if you are having difficulty accessing services or finding out the information that you need. We may not be able to answer all questions, but we will do our best to put you directly in contact with the right resources.

To help you integrate, our AMURTEL team, together with the Norwegian Refugee Council and its other partners, will assist you in gaining easier access to information about issues that affect you such as :

  • enrolling your children in school
  • where you can find language classes
  • where exactly can you get good SIM cards for free or reduced prices
  • how to enroll for temporary protection
  • how to access the medical system
  • cash support referrals
  • your rights as a refugee in Romania

Connect with other Ukrainians and the local community

We will also want to invite you to participate in creating or joining community events to make new friends with your local Romanian hosts and other fellow Ukrainian citizens
Please follow our Telegram channel and Facebook page here

Have a voice!

We are very interested also in involving you directly in having a voice about policies that affect you, and making sure that your feedback is heard. .

Who are we?

AMURTEL is an NGO active in Romania since 1995, mostly focused on child protection, but since the war began, we have been helping Ukrainian refugees right at the border into Romania at Siret. Now we have teams in Suceava county, in Brasov at the CATTIA center and in Bucharest that are ready to support you.

Bucharest team:

  • Iulia – ‭(0722) 805 142‬ bucuresti.pm@amurtel.ro  (speaks Romanian and English)
  • Kristina – ‭+40 (723) 210 225‬ translate.uaen@amurtel.ro  (speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, English) on Telegram, Whatsapp

CATTIA team:

  • Victoria (email and phone) ‭(0728) 288 065‬  (speaks Russian, Romanian, English)

Suceava team:

  • Mihaela: +40 (723) 232 277‬ suceava.pm@amurtel.ro (speaks English and Romanian)
  • Cosmin   ‭+40 (747) 377 966‬ (also on Telegram and Viber)  translate.uaro@amurtel.ro (speaks Ukrainian, English and Romanian)