Young ecologists clean up the riverside in Panatau!

Club TIP (the Clever Kids of Panatau) was created in the summer of 2011, with the aim of offering young people from 8-16 the opportunity to become active citizens in their local community. This year the club continued its activities, involving both children from the Fountain of Hope’s afterschool and from Familia AMURTEL chidren’s home. The project received a modest financing
from the Buzau county council for the summer program. The objectives were to foster leadership and teamwork, develop empathy and the spirit of service towards the other members of society and towards the environment we live in.

One of the successful activities of the club was cleaning up the garbage along the banks of the river that passes
through the center of the village. This action was designed to encourage the children to take active steps to protect the environment. Our young ecologists were very proud of the results of their efforts and said that they will scold those that they see throwing garbage where they aren’t supposed to.

In order to increase empathy and
service spirit, the children prepared a meal for the elderly people in the community. They bought the food with the money they raised during a disco night they organized with music and dancing for other kids their age (just like the big ones!). After they cooked lunch and put it in containers, they went to the elderly people’s homes and gave them the food. The joy on the faces of the elderly while receiving the food, their tears and good wishes were very rewarding for the youngsters.

The young people also learned quilling, a technique of twirling paper to make flowers and other designs. They also created a mosaic on the wall of a building next to the center, and helped with preparing vegetables for the winter.

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