Volunteering at AMURTEL- a creative learning experience

As Fernando Aranda was absorbed painting a radiant sun smiling over a scene full of blissful children from around the world, animals, bees, even a lizard, people young and old passing by the outside of AMURTEL’s “Gradinita Rasarit” kindergarten, stopped to watch in fascination. Many asked him about his painting in Romanian, and even though he spoke only Spanish – the language of art created a universal bridge of communication, and they left smiling.

Fernando is one of several volunteers that have come to help in our projects. As he is artist, he used his skills with painting to paint murals and decorations, and to give workshops with the children from Familia AMURTEL and Fountain of Hope. In the Fountain of Hope afterschool center he guided the children to make their own mural on the walls of the center. They choose to make a big, spreading tree.

IMG_0763-300x289Other volunteers have also come, from Portugal, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, England, the US, Italy and Romania. Several volunteered in our kindergartens, where they were guided in a Neohumanist method of teaching foreign language to the children by playing games, telling stories and interacting with the children in their own language. Some have also volunteered in our after-school center offering extra-curricular activities and some have helped us with the summer renovations, or assisting in the children’s home. A whole team of volunteers were involved in creating the “Ray of Sunshine” program in Braila in the summer for children whose families been affected by flooding. The team at AMURTEL Romania tries to find a way for each volunteer to express or develop a talent and to feel satisfied with their contribution.

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