Volunteer profile

Though AMURTEL does not require any educational qualifications, any kind of experience in working with children, or within NGOs is valued, and the profile of an ideal candidate includes:

  • strong interest in working with children
  • some working knowledge of English
  • basic computer literacy and social media skills
  • sense of community service, altruism
  • interest in yoga, personal development or ecological lifestyle
  • sense of responsibility
  • initiative and self-motivation
  • willingness to learn

Particular assets that are not required but are valued include

  • creative and / or artistic skills
  • sports skills
  • entrepreneurial skills
  • interest or experience in organic gardening or permaculture
  • experience (volunteer, professional) or background in social work
  • experience in working with children
  • experience in yoga or meditation
  • interest in healthy lifestyle
  • vegetarian / non-smoking