Offer a child protection and hope at AMURTEL Family children’s home, Romania

*Geani came to the AMURTEL Family home in rural Romania when he was only five years old, together with his nine-year old brother. Child protection services intervened after their mother ended up in the hospital after a particularly violent episode in the home. Although nobody can erase a painful past, what you can do is to give Geani the opportunity to reclaim the simple joys of childhood, and ensure he receives the affection and care he needs to develop his potentials fully. Here Didi A.Devapriya, who is a yogic nun and who has dedicated the past 15 years of her life to children in Romania, explains a simple way that you can be involved in transforming the story of a child like Geani. Become a sponsor here:, or find out more about the program at… *the child’s name is changed to protect his privacy