Seaside holiday


Thanks to our sponsors and friends, the children’s dream to go to the seaside came true. Eight of them spent five days in Năvodari, at the end of August, enjoying the warm water and the sandy beach.

For Alina and Ion, this vacation was extra-special, as they saw the sea for the first time in their lives and got the chance to swim in the salty water.

Alina couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the endless stretch of water. “This is quite a big puddle”, she said.

Ion at first appeared rather unimpressed. That was until he got into the sea, when he declared: “I won’t ever go out of this water!”

Besides digging, splashing and swimming every day, the children also woke up early one morning to catch the beautiful sunrise. The beach was deserted and we took pictures of them making a big “Thank you” (“Multumim”) with seashells.

On one of the days, the children received a visit from two of their Romanian sponsors and spent the whole afternoon together at the beach, jumping in the waves and making sandcastles – as well as enjoying ice-cream cones together!

The last two days passed in a blink of an eye. We visited the Năvodari and Ciolanu monasteries and we visited the park. As soon as the sun had set, the children enjoyed a long nighttime walk on the seafront.

The last day of the trip coincided with Alina’s birthday – giving the perfect opportunity for a pizza party in the evening. She turned thirteen, and I think it will be one of her most memorable birthdays ever. That day the children also had the chance to take a short boat ride. Some of them were afraid of leaving the shore on a boat (actually Vika, one of the caregivers confessed that it was scary for her too as it was also her first time on a boat) but they were all delighted once it started moving and they got used to it.

This was another memorable vacation for the children of AMURTEL Family and we’d like to thank again to our sponsors for making it possible!

You can also bring smiles to the children by joining our next Play Day on September 28th. It is an opportunity to spend quality time with the children playing games together and sharing in their lives for a day.  

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