Didi on the traumatic effects of war on children | Referendum show, TVR 1


Didi was invited to talk about the war traumatic effects on children at the Referendum show

Didi Ananda Devapriya was invited to speak on Referendum TV show at TVR1 about the traumatic effects the Ukrainian war has on children. Didi has extensive experience on child trauma reduction due to her work with the vulnerable children living in our care in Panatau village, but also because of her involvement after the terrible events in Lebanon and Haiti.

Didi represents the Federation of Child Protection Organizations

She was invited on behalf of the Federation of Child Protection Organizations (FONPC), alongside a political analyst, an Orthodox priest, an anthropologist, a psychologist and a Moldavian woman with relatives in Ukraine. The piece was designed to focus not only on the politics of what is happening, but also on the human impact. So, Didi shared about the conversations she had with our brothers and sisters both in Ukraine and in Russia, in order to highlight the saddening human dimensions of this conflict on both sides.

AMURTEL is ready to lend a helping hand to the children affected by the war

In the light of these terrible events, we at AMURTEL will do everything we can to provide help to the refugees and their children. As a first step, Didi will offer trainings to the Federation’s members that will work directly with the affected children.
The entire show can be watched here in Romanian.