Transitions in our team

We are very grateful to Diipani Iulia Halangescu – who dedicated eight years to AMURTEL as executive director and was a key part of making qualitative changes that have helped AMURTEL evolve into a much more professional NGO. Due to her involvement, we learned to network,  apply for grants, develop new projects and offer trainings.

We are wishing her all the best as she continues to develop her career. She is now working with Goteborgs Raddingmission in Sweden, in a very challenging project helping homeless Roma immigrants to get off of the streets. Her dedication, vision, empathy and strong sense of values will be an asset wherever she goes. We will always remember  her wherever she goes!

In the meantime, we have welcomed several new members to our team:

  • Gabriela Sinca, our new Office Manager in the Bucharest headquarters,  who is very competent, committed and organized;
  • Raluca Iorga, our new Financial Manager, bringing valuable experience from SOS Children’s Villages to help improve our financial systems and reporting;
  • Cristi Musat, our social worker running the Vistara Social Integration program for the young adults that have left Familia AMURTEL’s care, who is introducing systematic support to help them make steady progress.
  • Didi A. Mainjiira, a full time, longterm volunteer of AMURTEL from Brazil has joined our team to live at the farm and coordinate the project there


Each of them is bringing fresh energy, vision and inspiration to improve our services. We are very happy to have them with us and look forward to reaching new levels of quality in our work as the team expands.