Training in Biodynamic Agriculture

The AMURTEL Bio Garden team benefitted from a training that focused on crop rotation and the special qualities of different types of plants in relationship to each other, led by Konradin, an expert in horticulture from Sonnehalde Association, an anthroposophic community in Switzerland.

One of the most significant benefits of the training, was the exchange of experience concerning the integration of adults with intellectual disabilities in agricultural work. It has inspired a new approach and strategy for integrating our youth in the AMURTEL Bio Garden Community Supported Agriculture project we are running.  In essence, we realized that we must not just integrate them directly into the work, but rather take smaller steps, that are planned to give them satisfying successes quickly, to build up enthusiasm for working on the farm. We have had to think how to make it more fun and rewarding, and ensure that someone comes together with them who can guide that part of the activity without interfering in the productivity of the farm.

The training was one of the activities financed by the “Biohrana for All” project, in which AMURTEL is a partner, together with the project leader “Asociatia Prietenia” and “Sonnehalde” Association.  The project is funded by the Swiss Romanian Cooperation Programme.