The National Volunteer Services Week: May 11-17, 2015

sigla SNV 2015_public

The National Volunteer Services Week is the national yearly celebration of the voluntary services.

All the institutions, organizations, initiative groups and voluntaries from all around the country are doing voluntary services together in the same time for the entire week. We organize promotional events for awakening the community spirit for voluntary services.

What means The National Volunteer Services Week?

The National Volunteer Services Week is an yearly national event meant to mobilize some of the voluntary organizations to celebrate these kind of services and to attract the community to publicly recognize their value  and activities:

  • A synchronized mobilization of the organizations for voluntary services, which become a single voice
  • An opportunity for those who want to test voluntary services
  • A demonstration and a source of inspiration for our power for a positive change in the society
  • An opportunity for the organizations to implement ideas and new programs
  • A mirror of the diversity of the people involved, of the voluntary organizations and their causes
  • The national frame for recognising and public appreciation of the voluntary services
  • A growing yearly event which attract the people attention towards good deeds