The Children’s Festival 2019


This year’s Children’s Festival took place between the 8th and 19th of July, at the Fountain of Hope Day Center in Pănătău. We wouldn’t have had such a great event without the extraordinary involvement of our volunteers. The children had almost two weeks of creative workshops, games, sports, and fun. Together with the volunteers and children from the AMURTEL Family we have even built a large sandbox for everyone to enjoy!

All the activities were designed not only to provide the children quality entertainment on their summer holiday, but to develop a set of important skills for their future such as: team work, collaborative attitude, communication skills, group integration. As well as this, we focused on teaching tolerance towards different ideas, constructive criticism, giving and receiving valuable feedback, and standing up for their beliefs in a polite and fact-focused manner. Here’s how it went:

The children participated in sports competitions, playing soccer and basketball, as well as a lot of other sports games.

During the practical sewing workshop, they have learned to make fabric bags for herbs used for remedies they’ve gathered during one of the trips. the trip was really entertaining, but also practical: the children learned to identify several species of useful herbs.

Apart from building the sandbox, the volunteers and kids put their skills to good use by building a compost box, as well as cleaning up the area around the center in an ecologic-oriented activity.

One of the most entertaining workshops was the one using twine as the main supply, using it to wind around glass jars to make a vase for holding pencils or flowers

The festival ended with a big party for everyone!

We can hardly wait for the annual bike race in the fall!

See all the pictures on Izvorul Sperantei Facebook page.

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