Summer dreams


Now that summer is here, what are the children at AMURTEL Family dreaming of?

Going to the seaside again, of course! For some of them, the dream became reality last summer, when they first went to the Black Sea. Here you can find a glimpse of that fabulous vacation!

Alina and Ion, the new children who joined the AMURTEL Family in April, have never seen the sea before. They have listened to the others talk about jumping in the waves, digging in the sand and collecting seashells, and are eager to have their own experience.

In the meantime, the children are doing their best to prepare. Their training consists of lengthy wading sessions in the mini-pool that’s been set in the backyard, peppered with intensive splashing and giggling intervals. They’re so serious about this that it’s hard to get them out of the water!

Your support will bring Alina, Ion and the other little ones to the seaside for another exciting and memorable experience! Thanks to those of you that have already contributed, we already have 300 euros so far.

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