Sponsorship Confidentiality Agreement

AMURTEL Romania is committed to protecting the rights of the children in our care, and as you are joining us as a partner in caring for your sponsored child, we kindly request you to participate in our efforts to ensure he protection of their rights, in particular their rights to privacy. Childen living in care are more vulnerable to being targeted by predators and the internet is one way that they can be exposed to such dangers. As a sponsor, we will be sharing with you personal information about the child and their progress, as well as photos. We ask for your understanding if in some cases, we may not be able to provide more details, in view of these child protection responsibilities. We also request your assistance in joining us in protecting their rights in the following ways:

  • Photos and images of the children in which they can be easily identified will only be shared on our private sponsors Facebook group. Please do not share these pictures on social media or other media, outside of this group – though you are welcome to print out photos for your personal use. We request you not take photos of the children when visiting, though we are happy to take photos for you and share them only with you.
  • Information that you learn about your specific sponsored child is strictly confidential. If you have the opportunity to meet or correspond with your sponsored child, please be sensitive to not asking them about personal details that you may know from communication with us that may put the child in an embarrassing situation.

We would be delighted to welcome you to visit the home! Please keep in mind when planning a visit that they must be carefully coordinated in advance with other activities. We set aside special “Play Day” programs for sponsors bi-annually which we encourage you to participate in!


I have read and agree to the confidentiality agreement for sponsors, as I am a regular sponsor of the Familia AMURTEL project.

I have read and agree to AMURTEL’s  privacy policy for processing my personal data

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* Confidential personal data processed in accordance with the EU general data protection regulation and the Romanian law nr. 677/2001.