School’s out for summer!


The end of the school year brings tremendous joy to children around the world, and for the children at AMURTEL Family, it hasn’t been any different!

They have celebrated the end of a good school year and welcomed the summer holiday with excitement – three months of long, sunny days filled with fun!

In Pănătău, the children had three festivities, one for each age group. Wearing their best clothes and armed with songs and poems, they waved goodbye to school until fall.

All the children have been successfully promoted to the next grade, but for Georgiana, this year has been special. She was awarded a special prize, for being among the top three children in her class.

Andreea had a special celebration this year, too. She graduated from primary school into middle school, so she is both excited for the new stage she’ll start in the fall, but sad to say goodbye to her beloved teacher from the primary cycle.  She and the other students in her class had a special graduation party.

Now that the well-deserved summer vacation is underway – find out what the children’s hopes are and how you can get involved in making their dreams come true…

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