Report: PTSD and the Effect of the War in Ukraine on Vulnerable Groups


AMURTEL Romania is pleased and proud to share with you this report on PTSD and the Effect of the War in Ukraine on Vulnerable Groups that AMURTEL’s emergency psychologist, Melinda Endrefy, and her partner Dr. Ismael Eduardo Perez Garcia Ph.D. in Legal and Forensic Psychology prepared.

It is based on in-depth psychological assessments that the team did of twenty Internally Displaced Persons  (IDPs) in the city of Chernivtsi, Ukraine in May 2022.

Read the full report below:

This psychological asessment report includes chapters on:

  • The psychological cost of the war between Russia and Ukraine
  • Analysis of the current situation observed in IDPs in Chernivsti
  • Systemic problems (pre-existing mental health conditions before the war)
  • The effects of war on adults
  • Effects of the war on minors: boys, girls and adolescents
  • Effects of war on seniors
  • Effects of war on hospitalized people
  • Effects of war on the caregivers of the internally displaced people
  • Conclusions and recommendations for effective interventions

It is our hope that this assessment will help to inform policies and projects aimed at reducing the impacts of trauma on those affected by the war, that take into consideration building upon the specific strengths and resiliency factors that the team observed.

This work was made possible by a grant from Americares as well as donations received through AMURTEL USA and AMURTEL Romania. Thank you to all of our donors!