Planting action carried out with the support of AUCHAN


On Friday, November 18, we made a small planting action of cherry trees and fruit bushes in the orchard behind the “Tudor Arghezi – Mărțișor” Memorial House museum managed by the National Museum of Romanian Literature.

We’ve all seen what the #HistoricDrought means as an effect of climate change and how hard it is to make a hole in the “cemented” soil to properly plant a seedling.

The children understood how easily we can cut down a tree in a few seconds, but how difficult it is to plant a sapling and that it needs decades to become an adult.

1 adult tree 🌳 of at least 20-30 years that we take care of gives us:

🍒 fruit,

🗣 oxygen,

🍁 fixes the soil and enriches it with nutrients,

🌦 ensures the water cycle in nature and regulates rainfall,

🐝🐞🐦 it is home to the biodiversity on which the human species depends,

🏡 it gives us shade, a state of well-being through beauty.

After 2 hours of intense work, we enjoyed a delicious pumpkin pie. 🎃

We made plans to see each other again in the spring in the Mărțişor Community Orchard. Until then, we will walk more or with non-polluting means 🚲♻, we will consume less, we will produce less waste, for a healthy environment!

🙏🏾 We would like to thank the students, volunteers, the team of children and educators from Grădinița Răsărit and the partners of the Școala din Livadă – lucrăm cu Natura!:

The National Museum of Romanian Literature

Auchan Retail Romania

Gradina Bio Amurtel Poieni

Amurtel Romania

Faculty of Horticulture Bucharest

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