Orientation video for Siret border, filmed, edited and subtitled by AMURTEL


Orientation video for Siret border, filmed, edited and subtitled by AMURTEL

The solidarity and organization efforts at the Siret border with Ukraine are making all the help offered by volunteers, NGOs and authorities possible. In this video which we at AMURTEL filmed, edited and subtitled, Sergeant Bogdan Popavich from IGSU presents the services available at the Siret border where refugees from Ukraine are welcomed into Romania, which are run by IGSU in coordination with civil society. It is an orientation tool designed for both Ukrainians and volunteers for when they arrive here.

The whole video can be watched here.

AMURTEL provides support to refugees, NGOs and authorities present in Siret

We at AMURTEL dedicate our efforts to offer emergency help to refugees, train other organizations in emergency psychological response and also empower and support authorities, so all our work is effective.

AMURTEL created the www.siret.help website to facilitate good communication and cooperation between services offered by all of the NGOs present at the border. Here it is possible to find out all of the different organizations present, where they are located, what they do and news from coordination meetings. In addition, there are resources for sharing with refugees, and useful information about core humanitarian standards and specifics to the Siret border point response to help support all volunteers to work well in this context.

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