Open Day at the AMURTEL Bio Garden with 70 guests!

In October, the AMURTEL Bio Garden welcomed  about 70 guests for an “Open Day” event at the farm.  The event was part of the “Biohrana for All” project,  financed the Swiss Romanian Cooperation Program.
We were very pleased that many of the consumers from Bucharest, friends from other NGOs,  as well as neighbors from the local community, including representatives of the Local Action Group, a previous mayor, other small producers, students and teachers from a nearby highschool joined us. We were also honored by the presence of Anne  Lise, a representative of the Swiss Embassy, that offered baseball caps with the Swiss flag and other small gifts to our children.
The garden team spent days preparing lovely vegetarian delicacies. The children from Familia AMURTEL has also come to the farm to help  make “Zacusca” a delicious Romanian spread made from eggplant, peppers and tomatoes, and jams.  They were also involved in making jams and compots.   During the event, the children sang songs and led a dance.  Mirela and Larisa, the directors of the Familia AMURTEL home and Fountain of Hope After School welcomed the guests and presented their work with the children.  The event included a tour of the farm and greenhouses, as well as a children’s workshop led by Crina, a very creative volunteer that always joins us for summer children’s festivals in Panatau.
The farm has been developing beautifully this year, thanks to the addition of two new professional greenhouses – one financed by the “Biohrana for All” project, and one that was financed by an award from the Unicredit “Your Choice” project.  We now have 1350 square meters of greenhouse space!   We are also thrilled to have Didi Mainjira living full time at the farm, coordinating WOOFer vounteers. She is extremely hardworking and energetic, bringing fresh inspiration to the project.  Already, the farm was so beautiful and organized, looking better than it ever has, thanks to her continuous presence there.