One Hundred Ukrainians and Romanians Unite their Voices for a Festive, Nostalgic Holiday Atmosphere

Singing to celebrate oneness

When many voices join together to sing in unison, it creates a powerful feeling of oneness, celebration, and joy.  Singing carols is one of the favorite Christmas customs of both the Ukrainian and Romanian people. Singing together the traditional good wishes for health, wealth, and a good harvest in the coming year links us to our ancient cultural heritage and generates warm, nostalgic holiday sentiments.   

Carols to bring Romanians and Ukrainians together

On Monday, December 19th, AMURTEL Romania, in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is organizing the “ROMANIAN AND UKRAINIAN CAROLS EXCHANGE” event, with the support of Artexim and the National Music University Bucharest in the university’s sala “Auditorium”. 

Not an ordinary concert

This is not a concert, but rather will be a participatory opportunity for everyone to join together in singing. This is a beautiful way to experience and enjoy the fellowship, unity and solidarity of our two nations that have grown so much closer during this period of hardship. It is also a way for Romanians to welcome Ukrainians and other ex-pats into our country and culture, and to appreciate the gifts that they bring with them. 

The event will feature some of the best-loved and well-known Christmas songs of both Ukrainian and Romanian peoples. Eight singers from Ukraine and Romania will lead and involve the whole group in singing. Guests will receive a songbook with translations and transliterated scripts so that they can follow along in both languages. 

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There will also be an opportunity to socialize and share light refreshments together. Children will receive gifts of a therapeutic story collection that AMURTEL produced with the funding of CARE-SERA-FONPC. This is a light, non-formal, family-friendly event, and while the entrance is free, thanks to the generous funding of NRC,  spaces are limited and must be reserved ahead.  Sign up now here:

Enjoy the atmosphere of being part of one hundred people that are combining cultures,  values and appreciating the beauty of our unity in diversity.