Nepal earthquake relief: teacher training

AMURTEL Romania participated in the fundraising to aid the immediate interventions after the earthquake in Nepal.  Distributions of desperately needed items, including food, clothing, blankets and housing materials were the first stage of the intervention.

Though the first stage of immediate relief work has passed, now the need for long term committment to reconstruction and reintegrating the displaced is only just beginning. Here is one of our featured programs taking place in Nepal:

AMURT does teacher training in Nepal to assist public school teachers to welcome back students that had been out of school since the earthquakes. The training consist of four days with two days reserved for theory and exercises and two days of practical coaching with the students back in school.  The training draws on multiple resources such as creative therapies, yoga and group therapies. As most schools were damaged or destroyed AMURT builds Temporary Learning Centers that starts with the students decorating their classrooms.

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