One of AMURTEL’s unique specialities is its focus on personal development – both of the those offering services, and those receiving. We believe that it is essential learn how to cultivate positive perspectives about the obstacles we face and the people in our lives. We also need to constantly nourish the love, compassion, connection within us to fully experience our potential for happiness and health.



The stress and speed of the world leaves our own needs for simple moments of peace, beauty and harmony often neglected. We believe that to bring greater balance into the world – we need to also take care of this inner balance. Ecological awareness includes being aware of our own inner ecology and using methods that are in harmony with nature to restore and maintain balance.


In June 2014, AMURTEL opened the Morningstar Holistic Center, in a quiet neighborhood in the north of Bucharest. The center is designed to offer an oasis for busy people to relax and revitalize themselves using classical techniques of natural health and well-being. Courses in stress management, yoga, meditation, tai chi, qigong, african drumming, vegetarian cooking courses and detox programs are held regularly.



The building has a beautiful tea garden with flowers and medicinal herbs, a course room and a massage therapy room. The space is available for renting for meetings and we are able to offer vegetarian catering using seasonal organic vegetables from our garden. We also offer special stress-management packages to companies, to help employees be more relaxed and thus more productive and happy at work.

The project is a social enterprise and all proceeds sustain the service work of the organization. Volunteers with relevant experience are welcome to offer courses or therapies and help in the tea garden.