Kärcher Home & Garden Romania offers a chance for children’s education in Pănătău

Education in rural areas has faced new challenges during the pandemic

We are already at the end of the second school year during the pandemic, when formal education has faced a lot of obstacles for Romania’s vulnerable children. Closed school, poor access to devices, internet and even electricity, lack of satellite coverage, as well as lack of basic knowledge for using online platforms posed a higher risk than ever for rural children regarding school dropout and social marginalization, once with the transition to online schooling.

The Fountain of Hope Day Center provided essential support for children who would otherwise have fallen behind during this period. The children received both breakfast and lunch here at the center, and our staff not only gave them access to devices so that they could take online classes, but also assistance with homework. Unfortunately, all our efforts were limited by the nature of the available resources – few devices, all of them belonging to our staff, sometimes shared by 5-6 children simultaneously.

Kärcher Romania supports children’s education in Panatau

Kärcher Home & Garden Romania provided us with an extremely generous help, donating 2500€ for laptops acquisition and thus, offering a chance for education to the children from Pănătău, who without support, risk to accumulate educational gaps that would be difficult to recover. This donation, together with the involvement of donors from the dedicated crowdfunding campaign, allowed us to provide children with 4 laptops that they can use for online classes. In addition, the local school in Pănătău also helped us with a donation of 12 tablets.

Thank you, Kärcher, for your significant contribution to our efforts to ensure quality education for rural children and to reduce the social differences between them and the little ones studying in the urban areas!