Join AMURTEL Family for our 25th birthday!!

Children love birthday parties!!!

The children are very excited and have asked me to invite you to join us for a special birthday party on Saturday, November 28st!  They are looking forward to making new friends from all over the world as well as reconnecting with those they already know. It is a truly amazing experience for them to feel so much support and love coming towards them from many different parts of the globe.  The presence of each one of you taking the time to participate will be very meaningful to them.

Put yourself on the map!

Already the map is filling up with our family of supporters from our distance adoption program – you can become one of them, and add yourself here!  The children were really curious to find out where everyone is from!

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Some of you have been helping the children since the very beginning, and some of you may be finding out about AMURTEL Family for the first time!  Every single one of you has the chance to contribute to the lives of the children and the story of AMURTEL in your own way and it is time to celebrate that!

Twenty-five years ago,  in 1995,  AMURTEL  opened the doors of a large, newly constructed house to the first group of ten children to become part of the AMURTEL Family.  Later, in 2001 another ten small children joined the family.  We are so proud to see that those children are now independent grown-ups, many with families and children of their own! Some of them may even be joining us!


Now it is up to you, to ensure that the AMURTEL Family can continue this story of providing love and safety to the new group of twelve neglected and abused children now living in the home, and for many others that will continue to need safety and love in the coming years.

The party is online!

While we would love to have you join us in Panatau for this celebration, for obvious reasons, it won’t be possible this year, so we will be doing it online, using Zoom.

We promise that this will not be your typical Zoom conference. We know everyone is tired of sitting through tedious online meetings.  This is going to be filled with fun, laughter, and surprises that the children are preparing just for you! They are really looking forward to seeing you there.

Join our Great Toilet Paper Toss Challenge

Please turn on captions in the video settings! We prepared Romanian, English, and Italian subtitles!

As I said, it is not going to be an ordinary online event. We will start out with a video that you can help us make fun and exciting.  It requires only a toilet paper roll, a cellphone, and a bit of creative imagination. Have a look at the tutorial above.  Make sure to film holding the phone horizontally in the “landscape” position.  Email us your video by Thursday, November 26th to be included in the final production, which will premier at the event. Send to (Romania at

The party will include a slideshow of the children’s artistic expressions about what they like about AMURTEL Romania, a beautiful new video about the AMURTEL Family home, and the children singing Happy Birthday and eating cake, which they of course, are looking forward to!

As we haven’t figured out yet how to share the birthday cake with you by zoom, I  will send you the secret recipe for my luscious vegan dark carob birthday cake after you sign up!

When will it take place and how to get the link to join?

Saturday, November 28th:

  • Romania time: 18.00 (6 pm)
  • Amsterdam time: 17.00 (5 pm)
  • New York time: 11.00 am
  • Los Angeles time: 8.00 am

The children are hoping to meet lots of people from all over the world – so please help us in spreading the word and bringing friends to make it exciting for them!

Here is the signup form for getting your zoom link and vegan cake recipe:

AMURTEL 25 Anniversary Sign up Form

So many reasons to celebrate!

It’s so easy to let such opportunities slip by unnoticed, but taking time to celebrate shared milestones and victories, big and small is one of the things that give us all inspiration and energy!

Up until now, for all of us here, and most likely for you as well, 2020 has been overshadowed by many challenges. But I’d love you to take a moment to step back from all of that.  The children want to express their gratitude to their community of supporters, and it is a chance also for newcomers to see the impact that your involvement can have on their lives.  At AMURTEL Family, you can give the children the opportunity to grow up with the love and support they need to thrive!

We are really grateful to have you with us for this important milestone!