20 years dedicated to the Romanian children


This Saturday, Familia AMURTEL has celebrated 20 years of care and dedication to children of Romania

It has been 20 years since the children from Familia AMURTEL have started a new life! They have been reunited this week-end!

AMURTEL Romania arrived in 1992, and after witnessing the neglect and inhumane conditions of children abandoned in the state Communist children’s homes, decided to open a small family style children’s home in the peaceful rural mountain village of Panatau. The first child arrived in 1995, and since then, “Familia AMURTEL” has been home to 22 children.

This past week-end the AMURTEL team has been reunited with all the children who are now adults, together with their sponsors, partners and friends!

There were approximately 70 people attending the AMURTEL celebration. Representatives from local authorities,  the high-school  and AMURTEL’s main sponsor, Verein Kinderheim Panatau from Switzerland participated, as well as  beneficiaries of AMURTEL’s projects (Social Garden Poieni and Morningstar Center)

Currently 6 young people are still living in the house, while several others which are transitioning into autonomous adult life through AMURTEL’s “Vistara Social Integration Project”.

Among AMURTEL Romania projects there is also “Fountain of Hope”,  an after school center, Social Garden AMURTEL,  Rasarit Kindergatren from Bucharest and Morningstar Center.