Haiti – post earthquake

AMURTEL teams had been active in Haiti for over 20 years, so immediately following the earthquake they sprang into action to participate in the massive relief efforts.

The area around the AMURTEL center in Bourdon, Port au Prince, was especially hard hit and for so many who were already struggling with overwhelming poverty, the loss of family members, homes and jobs was especially devastating.

AMURTEL and its partner organization AMURT set up and supervised a very successful program of “Child Friendly Spaces”. This important service addressed the needs of children in the relief camps, providing much needed routine, and ways to release the built up tension and stress through play, creativity and specialized services. They also received nutritional support and acccess to other interventions through the program.

AMURTEL supervised seven relief camps, with about 18000 displaced people during the earthquake relief efforts.  As it had a well established presence in the area, even when other aid agencies left after a year or two, AMURTEL has continued to provide services.

AMURTEL Romania’s president, Denise Deshaies (Didi)   went to Haiti after the earthquake to participate in the relief efforts and create a video to document the project.