This October, the Fountain of Hope opened its doors for a new school year!  The project has been flourishing under the inspired leadership of Larisa Bratucu.  In 2015 she has organized several community actions.  The children were involved in the “National Week of Volunteering”, and also came to the AMURTEL Bio Farm for an ecological adventure,  with the aim of raising the awareness of the new generation about the potentials of organic agriculture.   In the summer, together with our team of EVS volunteers,  the Fountain of Hope organized a children’s festival. The EVS volunteers were also active in renovating the Panatau’s cultural space with murals and decorations. Larisa also organized a bicycle race in the community and a ping-pong tournament in November.

Ionut, an adult with special needs who grew up in Familia AMURTEL has also become a dependable employee, having developed a great sense of responsibility and dedication to the project.  He is very proud of his work. Dorina continues to cook delicious vegetarian food, which the children look forward to eating everyday, especially this year as she is preparing more home made sweets on a regular basis!

The children come to the center enthusiastically, receiving a hot meal, help with homework and then have the chance to do fun, artistic activities, sports and other extra-curriculars they would otherwise not have access to. The center is playing an important role in the community in preventing school abandonment and not only.  During a recent visit from Child Protection Authorities, they shared their observation that in communities that have an after-school center such as ours, the rate of crisis interventions is greatly reduced.

The center depends on your donations to continue providing services!