First time at the seaside!!

Thanks to the warm responses and involvement of many donors and sponsors, the children of Familia AMURTEL’s dream to go the seaside for the first time was fulfilled!

The 8 small children of Familia AMURTEL spent 5 magical days at the Black Sea, together with two volunteers from Bucharest, Lizi and Andreea and our caregivers – Mirela, Violeta, Marina and Ana.  The children were amazed to see how big the ocean was!  They splashed and jumped in the waves, swam in the sea, collected seashells and spent endless hours digging and building happily in the sand.  The gentle sounds of the ocean waves, smell of salty air and warm sunshine was so healthy for them!

They also visited a Dolphinarium and watched dolphins, seals and sea lions leaping and playing with a ball.  They  and visited a beautiful historical monument, the “Constanta Casino”.

It was an exciting and unforgettable experience for them.

Some impressions directly from the children:

Gabi:  “I loved seeing the dolphins that was jumping and  playing with a ball!  And I saw a sea lion that took a piece of garbage and threw it into the trash to show a little girl the right place to put it. ”

Nicoleta: “This summer, my favorite thing was going to the sea – it was so big – as far as you could see with your eyes.  There were all kinds of seashells.  I even saw a jellyfish!”

Thank you for making their dream come true!