EVS Project 2015: Photo album

A photo album memento of the  EVS project: “Whispering to wild horses : using holistic non-formal education to help children gain greater self control and awaken empathy” that took place between October 2014 and February 2016 and was financed by Erasmus Plus. Thank you to our EVS volunteers: Jone Argintxona (Basque), Luca Bini (Italy) , Bruna Pelica (Portugal), Nuno Dantas (Portugal) and Giorgia Garbuio (Italy)!

During the project, the volunteers learned to apply Neohumanist education techniques to channelize the energy of children in productive ways. They organized artistic activities, sports, adventures and more. Two of the volunteers, Nuno and Giorgia worked at the kindergarten in Bucharest and taught the children directly in their mother tongue and Luca, Bruna and Jone worked primarily at the Fountain of Hope in Panatau – though there were moments when everyone worked together.

Come and enjoy their journey in photos, together with other volunteers that came to AMURTEL Romania this year : Emanuel, Sibil, Karoliina, Nourdine etc:

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