Every child received a gift from Leroy Merlin

In December 2019, our friends from Leroy Merlin brought a great amount of joy to the children, by sending a gift for each one of them!


We’re grateful for having this corporate sponsor with us along our way to giving the children of AMURTEL Family a beautiful childhood, and we thank them for supporting the home on different occasions, such as donating construction materials for our renovation in spring.

On Christmas  morning, Ion was so excited to see the presents that had materialized under the tree and he came running to hug me exuberantly as I came downstairs: “Didi, Didi – Santa came!”  He could barely contain his excitement and was curiously poking through the pile of presents while waiting for the rest of the children to wake up and gather at the tree.

This is the kind of memory that both Ion and the rest of us will cherish for years to come, and the donations from our sponsors made it possible! Together we are raising happy children in a safe and beautiful home! Thank you, Leroy Merlin Romania!