Real Tigers and Ugly Ducklings!


The eight small children from Familia AMURTEL enjoyed a very special trip to Bucharest at the beginning of the month! Lizi, a new volunteer that came in contact with AMURTEL through a meditation course at our Morningstar center, involved a big group of friends in organizing, funding and transporting the children around the city for a really memorable experience. Every day was a new adventure:

The first day, they visited a beautiful park and met some real “ugly duckling” swan babies, ducks and played on all kinds of swings, and see-saws etc and then went to the cinema and ate pizza.The next day they went to a Science museum to do experiments. The third day they saw tigers, snakes, elephants, monkeys and other animals at the Zoo.

They also came to Morningstar center for lunch and had a yoga for kids class with Didi and were thrilled to go home on the metro! (Will it go fast?? was the excited question that kept repeating on the walk to the metro stop)

The last day they visited the Museum of Natural History!

They slept in the kindergarten and played happily with the children there in the afternoons, and had circle time with stories and quiet time with Didi every evening and with the teachers in the morning.  They were delighted by the experience and we are grateful to Lizi and her friends.