Empowering women leaders in India


In November 2011, AMURTEL Romania’s president and executive director travelled to India to offer project management training during a 10 day capacity building program for women missionaries “Expanding our Potentials”. The training was designed for workers of Women’s Welfare Organization India, who hosted the event in Jharsugudha, Orissa. It was the result of two years of planning

with our partners from Women’s Welfare and Development Jamaica. Didi A. Ragamaya from WWD Jamaica opened the event with a two day module “Pioneering Women Leaders”, that included cooperative teambuilding exercises, visioning exercises, communication skills training and more.

Didi A. Devapriya and Iuliacommunity mapping indiaHalangescu continued with the Project Proposal Writing segment. The 16 participants were highly motivated, and were able to both absorb and apply the information immediately – step by step constructing a viable project proposal. The skills that they learned included problem tree analysis, community mapping, project cycle management, budgeting, reporting, grant writing, monitoring and evaluating. As a result of the training, three original project proposals were written by the participants.

The 10 day training concluded with 4 days of yoga teacher training, led by Didi A.Ragamaya, in which the participants deepened their understanding of anatomy, teaching methodology, and improved their technique in performing yoga asanas.

The entire experience was a rewarding, memorable event that strengthened and empowered each of the participants with increased skills, confidence and sisterhood.

Photo journal of the training