Videos documenting the various projects of AMURTEL Romania

Offer a child protection and hope at AMURTEL Family children’s home, Romania

*Geani came to the AMURTEL Family home in rural Romania when he was only five years old, together with his nine-year old brother. Child protection services intervened after their...

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Seaside adventure – AMURTEL Family 2020

After more than 90 days of proactive quarantine imposed by the government, it was a welcome relief for the children to enjoy the waves, sun and sand at the...

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Longing for the seaside

The children of Familia AMURTEL express their wish to visit the seaside for the first time. (Summer 2018)

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Video: AMURTEL around the world

An overview of several key disaster relief projects of AMURT and AMURTEL around the world.

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Third Annual Bicycle Race in Panatau, 2017

55 people of all ages at the annual bicycle race in Panatau! The third annual edition of the “I want to be active!” bicycle race, organized by AMURTEL Romania...

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Video about Jone’s experience as a EVS voluteer

Jone made this video about her experience as an EVS volunteer with AMURTEL:

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Familia AMURTEL’s 20 year journey in photos

See the children from Familia AMURTEL growing up before your eyes!  This collage of memories from the past 20 years was shown during AMURTEL Romania’s 20th anniversary party. During...

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Familia AMURTEL’s 20th Anniversary

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Familia AMURTEL in Panatau with characteristic creative flair – the young people that grew up in the home each present themselves in uniquely artistic...

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First bicycle race in Panatau

Video from the very first edition of the bicycle race that AMURTEL organized in Panatau in 2015.  

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