Social Enterprises

We believe in empowering local communities by creating jobs that solve social problems and promote economic democracy.

AMURTEL’s kindergarten – a successful social enterprise

AMURTEL opened the first “Gradinita Rasarit” in 1992 in the north of Bucharest, and later in 1995, it opened a second one in the Mihai Bravu neighborhood. The kindergarten’s social …

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Morningstar Yoga Center

One of AMURTEL’s unique specialities is its focus on personal development – both of the those offering services, and those receiving. We believe that it is essential learn how to …

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AMURTEL Organic Garden: fair partnerships with urban consumers

AMURTEL’s organic garden in Poieni is in the process of developing a new model of agricultural enterprise based on the “Community Supported Agriculture” system. In the local area, many small farmers have already …

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