Partner in “The Management of Work Integration”

The project called The Management of Integration in the Work Field has been implemented in Romania by CDD during the years 2012 – 2014, together with other transnational partners:...

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We all have a story

Using friendship as a tool for overcoming stereotypes and prejudices The project „We all have a story”, financed by the NGO Fund (Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland funding mechanism for...

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“Passing the Torch” – A taste of the grown-up world!

On the International Day of the Children’s Rights, November 20th 2013, thanks to a project organized by Terre des Hommes Foundation, twelve children from the Fountain of Hope participated...

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Vistara: Integration of young people leaving the care system

The children raised at the Familia AMURTEL project have grown up – and as a result, AMURTEL has also had to evolve and develop strategies to assist our young...

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Haiti – post earthquake

AMURTEL teams had been active in Haiti for over 20 years, so immediately following the earthquake they sprang into action to participate in the massive relief efforts. The area around...

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