AMURTEL is part of a broad international network specialized in disaster relief interventions and long term development programs. In fact, most of AMURTEL’s work globally begins with a humanitarian intervention, but unlike other relief agencies that leave once the emergency has passed, AMURTEL sets up longer term development and educational programs to continue increasing quality of life.

Video: AMURTEL around the world

An overview of several key disaster relief projects of AMURT and AMURTEL around the world.

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Acupuncture program for cerebral palsy in India

The Abha Seva Sadan Multitherapy Clinic is run by a branch of AMURT in northeastern India. It serves children with cerebral palsy from a neglected rural community, using an...

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Syrian refugee program in Lebanon

During the past two years, AMURTEL’s president, Denise Deshaies has been travelling to Lebanon to lead trainings in Neohumanist Education for the staff of a project serving the Syrian...

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Nepal earthquake relief: teacher training

AMURTEL Romania participated in the fundraising to aid the immediate interventions after the earthquake in Nepal.  Distributions of desperately needed items, including food, clothing, blankets and housing materials were...

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Haiti – post earthquake

AMURTEL teams had been active in Haiti for over 20 years, so immediately following the earthquake they sprang into action to participate in the massive relief efforts. The area around...

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