Bucharest Play Day!

Everyone at AMURTEL Family is really excited about the upcoming Play Day on September 28th in Bucharest! The children can’t wait to explore the capital city and meet their friends.

Play Day is a perfect occasion to enjoy the autumn and join in the children’s play, discovery, and fun. It is a great opportunity to personally meet the children in a relaxed, informal environment.  We’ll organize all sorts of interactive games to “break the ice”, laugh a lot, be creative and help everyone get to know each other. All of the activities will be family-friendly, so other children are welcome, too.

Here’s the outline of the program for the day. Everyone participating in the event will meet in Tineretului park in Bucharest, to kick-start a day of fun-filled with smiles.

Click here for interactive map.

Meeting point: entrance of Parcul Lumea Copiilor.

10:00 Nice to meet you!

11:00 Welcome to our Play Day! Let’s get to know each other. Ice-breaking games, songs, and activities.

11:30 Playtime! We’ll test fun things in the park:  merry-go-rounds, swings, bumper cars or  trampolines.

12:30 Back to Rasarit Kindergarten, our headquarters for the day.

13:00 Yummy for the hungry tummy. Vegetarian lunch in the kindergarten courtyard.

14:30 Downtime for the kids. “How can I help?” Mirela and Didi will let you know the upcoming plans and how you can get involved (for the grown-ups inside the kindergarten)

15:30 Goodbyes.

We suggest a minimum donation of 35 euros per person to help offset the costs of the children’s travel to Bucharest, some of the games in the park,  and the collective meal we will share.  If you are able to give more it will be greatly appreciated!

RSVP via whatsapp or sms to Didi at +40744565252

Bring joy to the children! Join our Play Day on September 28th. 

In the meantime, to provide the children of AMURTEL Family a safe home, good meals and help in their education and development, you can find out how to become a sponsor by clicking the green button below.