Bicycles from the North Pole!

Okay, it may not precisely be the North Pole, but Finland is pretty close. It was quite magical when a few weeks ago, completely out of the blue,  two Finnish ladies called me up to let me know they had gathered a van full of gifts, and were preparing to drive two days from Finland to Romania to deliver them!

When they were unloading the van,  we were even more surprised to discover that there were four bicycles inside!  As we had only communicated a few days before they arrived,  they had not seen the children’s wish lists for bicycles!

Indeed, I was quite sad and disappointed for the children when I realized that only a few of our own children were participating in the annual bicycle race that AMURTEL organizes for the community. The others just didn’t have a chance to practice because there were only two bicycles for all 9 children – and they were not the right size, easily breaking etc.

So receiving those bicycles was such a miracle!

I had already received two brand new  bicycles from sponsors for two of the children, but I was worried I would be able to have enough for everyone.  But thanks to the donation, I only had to buy a few more to have a full set, with a bicycle for each child.

I am thinking the day after Christmas to make a treasure hunt with clues that will take the kids on an adventurous walk – at some point the bicycle helmets will appear in the snow like easter eggs 🙂  and then they will ultimately be led to the bicycles…which will have a letter from santa attached with a personalized message for each one…