Bicycle Treasure Hunting Reloaded

As you may remember, at Christmas, we managed to get bicycles for all of the children – however, since then, three more arrived. As bicycles have been all the rage since then, those three were left out of the fun.  So thanks to a few generous donations, we were able to get three more bicycles, as part of helping them integrate into the family.

We decided to re-create a new treasure hunt so that the new children could experience the joy of such a big surprise, as had the other children at Christmas.   This time the hunt took us to AMURTEL’s plum orchard, where different puzzle pieces came together and hinted that the next clues would be found where they had met the Easter bunny.


One clue contained a classical treasure map, leading to a buried treasure box found in a pile of sand, which contained the key to the house, and a story.  Didi read to them a story about  Ubuntu – which means “How can I be happy if others are not” (her attempt to prepare their minds to be happy rather than jealous when the three new ones would discover their special surprise).    When they entered – shiny new bicycles were waiting!

There was one last clue found together with the bicycles – to sing the song “Love isn’t love until you give it away” to Gopi. The children happily trooped along to her house, where Gopi gave the serenaders a bag of chocolates to offer to the caregivers.  We are working on cultivating the spirit of giving, not only receiving.

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