Best Practices Exchange in MHPSS Emergency Care at the Siret Border

This invitation is to all of those working in the field of MHPSS working with Ukrainian refugees, in particular at the Siret Border or in Suceava county.

When: Monday, July 18th, 12:00-16:00

Where: Frontex Room, Siret Cross Border

Facilitator: Melinda Endrefy,  Emergency Psychologist

For whom:

All organizations with social workers and psychologists involved in giving MHPSS support to refugees at the Siret border

About the skill exchange:

AMURTEL Romania’s Emergency Psychologist Melinda, together with her popular assistant Oscar, our iconic giant monkey, provided emergency psychological care to more than 600 refugees passing through the Siret border from March-May 2022. In June, Melinda shifted her focus to Ukraine, where she has been building the capacity of local psychologists in Ukraine to be able to better deal with the high influx of trauma cases generated by war and displacement. Together with Dr. Ismael Pérez García, Ph.D., she prepared an in-depth assessment of the psychological situation of IDPs within Ukraine.

Melinda would like to share the best practices that she developed to work effectively across the language barrier with refugees, as well as insights from her direct observations of the conditions that refugees are fleeing from in Ukraine.

AMURTEL is also interested to learn from the experiences of the current team, to discover how the situation of MHPSS cases is evolving at the border, and new best practices emerging from that.

It will be an interactive, rich discussion and exchange that is aimed to improve everyone’s understanding and practices.


12:00 Presentation of the participants / Welcoming
12:30 Presentation of Amurtel Romania’s project
13:00 Skill exchange game
13:30 Short presentations about best practices (part 1)
14:00 Lunch – pizza!
15:00 Short presentations about best practices (part 2)
15:45 Conclusions and closing up

AMURTEL is providing pizza – but you must sign up to attend:

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This training is provided thanks to the generous support of CARE France.