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The AMURTEL Aid Association, together with a sports articles company, cheer up the summer vacation of the children in Pănătău

After such a difficult and unstable year that we all went through and that affected each of us, especially the children because they experienced online school and other challenges, here are some great news!

On Friday, July 9, at 11.00, the Fountain of Hope Day Center opens its doors to launch the summer program for children in the Pănătău village of Buzău county.

The event will be open to all children in the community. About 50 children, parents, as well as representatives of the local school and town hall are expected to participate.

It is an opportunity to celebrate the end of a challenging year and the 14th anniversary of the partnership between the AMURTEL Aid Association, led by Didi Ananda Devapriya, an American citizen living in Romania for 16 years, the Pănătău City Hall, led by Nicolae Stoica, and the teaching staff of the Pănătău Secondary School, under the guidance of principal Elena Stoica.

The center’s guests will enjoy the participation of representatives of a sports articles company, with which AMURTEL has started a collaboration. The company will assure sports supplies necessary for the center’s summer program and for the children to play with on its launch day.

Due to their help, the center will organize the traditional “Pănătău Cycling Contest” this year, which has reached its sixth edition.

During the summer, children will relax through fun holiday activities.

Those who want to support AMURTEL, can find all the details HERE.

Didi, as all her friends call Didi Ananda Devapriya, told

“I am an ‘acharya’, meaning a teacher of meditation and yoga. I have chosen a nun’s lifestyle so that I can dedicate my time 100% to humanitarian and spiritual practice projects. “Didi “actually means “sister”. And my orange dress represents the fire of divine love, which grows and shines when I offer help around me.

I learned meditation in 1995 in Missouri, USA, then I was in India, and in the end I was offered to come to Romania to manage the projects of the AMURTEL Aid Association here. I immediately said, “yes, sure!”, without hesitation. The AMURTEL Aid Association provides protection, safety and hope for vulnerable children. In the Buzău county, in Pănătău, a small, quiet and beautiful mountain village, we manage a residential center for children who were taken from their families due to neglect and abuse, and we also have a day care center for children from the community facing various social issues.”

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