AMURTEL supports local Ukrainian women to bring tons of aid to villages in Ukraine, because of an Americares grant

Logistic operation for supplies powered by women

At the outset of the war, a brave group of women decided to create their own logistics operation at the Siret border to ensure the flow of relief supplies donated from Romania and abroad  to heavily affected villages in Ukraine. Before the war, they were already activists in supporting decentralization of government, and so had a network of contacts on the level of villages.

AMURTEL was able to support these brave women because of the flash grant from Americares

As men were not allowed out of the country, the whole operation was set up and managed by a dedicated team of about 5 women, operating as an informal Civic society initiative Help Ukraine Romania. As they were still in the process of registering themselves legally so they could receive grants, AMURTEL supported them in the transitional phase thanks to a flash grant from Americares, and support from Amici Nel Mondo in Italy (add links to both) AMURTEL ensured  forklift rental, office supplies and volunteer support.

The impact of our support

During the project period 1,500 tons of humanitarian aid was shipped by the warehouse to Ukraine, enabling the unrestricted transfers of donated goods, including medical supplies, for various NGOs to municipalities, hospitals and civic initiatives in the Chernavitis Region of southern Ukraine but also beyond.

The civic initiative has a website here:

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