AMURTEL supported the NOWKOLO children’s camps

AMURTEL Romania provided mentorship and a small grant to a newly formed NGO in Chernivsti Ukraine to empower them to set up programs for internally displaced children. 

A pressing problem: post-traumatic stress disorders in children

In April of this year, the team of Nowkolo organized several events for children who live in shelters after
being evacuated from hostilities.
In the course of communicating with children and conducting interviews with parents, they found out of a high
percentage of post-traumatic stress disorders in children and difficulties with their socialization in a new environment
were revealed.
As a result, the ONG came up with the idea to organize a series of rehabilitation activities among IDP children in order to restore their mental and psychological state.

Project Description: 9 days of healing activities

They started looking for experienced specialists and forming a program that would allow them to influence the mental state of as many children as possible.
For that, they have planned 9 events with a program, both for small children aged 5 to 10 years, and for teenagers
from 12 to 16 years old.
They rented a comfortable and safe space in the city center, where children from any shelter in Chernivtsi could get to.
With the help of psychologists and volunteers, who were kindly trained by Didi Ananda Devapriya, they created a format of
events that included psychological exercises and therapeutic fairy tales. Thanks to the specialists of the Chernivtsi
community, they supplemented the program with art and creative master classes.

The results in numbers

Children participated in the programs – 135
Volunteers involved – 8 people
Specialists involved – 4 people
Number of events – 9 days
Clay modeling seminars – 6 hours
Psychological seminars – 9 hours
Drawing workshops – 7 hours
Active games – 7 hours
Therapeutic cinema – 2 hours
Gifts – 135 useful packages
Office for schoolchildren – 600 items
Useful sweets – 30 kilograms