AMURTEL launches the Morningstar holistic wellness center


A new project: Morningstar Holistic Wellness Center

AMURTEL currently coordinates a kindergarten, after school center, residential home, and an organic garden. We are now launching a new project: Morningstar Holistic Wellness Center!

A variety of natural therapies and  personal development activities

The center’s activities are diverse – but all connected to the field of wellness and natural health.  There will be courses in massage, detox programs, healthy living, yoga, meditation and personal development.  Interested people can sign up for holistic therapies such as homeopathy, Bach flowers, Ayurveda. International guest trainers and therapists will offer specialized courses. We have already had the good fortune to host the international experti n Gestalt therapy and personal development Steve Vinay Gunther from Australia.  His workshop on the weekend of May 10-11 inaugurated the new center.

A long history of holistic education and personal development

10300317_237672649757525_2452762551423934415_nAMURTEL has a long history of encouraging wellness, healthy lifestyle, holistic education and personal development.  AMURTEL believes that the best service is that which helps people to develop their own potential in order to help create a better society.  Therefore, the  association has always put an accent on educational programs, and projects that generate socio-economic independence as well as individualized programs that help to develop personal potential.

AMURTEL is exploring a partnership with a professional massage school “Regina Maria”   for the visually impaired to create job opportunities and professional training for these young people and other opportunities to develop as a social enterprise.

The center aims to promote holistic therapies and offer them in accessible way. The project also will generate income to sustain the other social projects of AMURTEL.