AMURTEL is on Raiffeisen Grants – We need your vote!


Vote to help at-risk children at the Fountain of Hope to have access to new counseling services!

AMURTEL Romania is participating in the Raiffeisen Community Grants Program, an annual online contest of socially responsible projects.

AMURTEL’s project is called “Mom and Dad, stay with me! I don’t want money I want you!” which is designed to address the needs of those children whose parents leave Romania to work abroad, a widespread phenomenon which is causing many children to experience the pain of abandonment. The consequences reflect in a variety of social problems, including increased risk of school dropout.  The proposed project would expand the services offered at our Fountain of Hope After School Center. Here are the objectives:

  1. To increase the self confidence of children from rural environments in order to overcome the feeling of failure generated by lack of money
  2. To improve the communication between teachers and students
  3. To raise the awareness of parents regarding the importance of effective financial planning

The target group consists of approximately 100 children from the rural area of Panatau, at risk of early school drop out, whose families are socially disadvantaged. There will be a  special emphasis on those whose parents are working abroad.

Through this project, AMURTEL Romania will be able to organize individual sessions with a psychologist, to develop courses in the school with teachers and parents about financial management and to raise awareness about the importance of family. 

Please vote for AMURTEL Romania’s project by registering first here!

You will need to set up an account in order to make your vote, but it only takes a minute! 

Here are the instructions for voting us.

Step # 1. First you have to register here:

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next, fill in your information as follows:


Step #2 You will receive a verification email like the example below- click on the link. (be patient, it takes them sometimes up to an hour to send out the email)


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Step #3 Now login to your account at this link

Step # 4:  Vote at this link (using the Voteaza button next to AMURTEL’s project) 

 You can use Ctrl+F to open a search box in which you write AMURTEL.

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Take a few minutes from your busy day to help children have access to this new service at the Fountain of Hope.

We will need at least 1000 votes to win the grant, so please share this with friends, family and co-workers and ask them to also make a vote.

If you have any difficulty with these steps and need our help – please send us an email!

Thank you!