AMURTEL Family: give a safe, loving home to a child

You can give safety, love, and healing to a child that has been taken out of a situation of neglect, abuse, extreme poverty, or loss by the Child Protection Services in the Buzau county of rural Romania.  *Geani was only five years old when his mother ended up hospitalized after a particularly dramatic episode of domestic violence.  That was when child-protection services intervened and brought Geani and his older brother to AMURTEL Family.

When you support AMURTEL Family, you are offering a small, community based “family style” home for a child just like Geani.  It has been providing a loving, warm, and healing home to children whose parents were not able to take care of them since 1995. Currently, there are twelve children from ages 5-17 years old living in the children’s home, which is located in Panatau, a beautiful, traditional rural village in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains of Romania.

Once in AMURTEL Family, a child like Geani will at last not only have nutritious food, warm clothes, and a safe environment, he also has chance to reclaim the simple joys of childhood: riding bicycles, celebrating birthdays, going camping, digging in the sand, playing with toy trucks, and building lego sets.  Most importantly, he will be surrounded by caring adults that can give him the affection that he needs to build self-confidence and hope.  He will also have access to counseling and extra tutoring support to catch up in school.  While it may not be possible to ever erase a child’s painful history, together we can rewrite their future.

*  we change the names of the children to protect their privacy