Rotary Club, alongside the AMURTEL Family’s children in 2021

Rotary Club, supporting the education of the AMURTEL Family’s children and their connection with the sponsors

2021 is a year we can say a lot about, but not that it was a year of connection. And this lack of connection has translated for all of us into a lack of motivation and enthusiasm for new things. However, Rotary Club has made sure that the little ones in the AMURTEL Family get the resources they need to get through this period smoothly and with the joys of childhood.

Rotary Club has supported children with new supplies for this school year

In 2021 also, the AMURTEL Family’s children were affected by the long periods of online schooling and the lack of interaction with their colleagues. However, with their return to classrooms at the beginning of the school year, our children enjoyed new backpacks and supplies, worth 5,000 RON, donated by Rotary. Such support is really a motivational boost during this difficult period for their development.





Christmas party in Bucharest, held with Rotary Club’s support

On December 17th, due to Rotary Club’s support, the AMURTEL Family’s children met their sponsors at Daimon Club in Bucharest, where they staged a theatre play, sang, and felt the love and care of the people who support them.

Thank you, Rotary, for all your help this year! You have warmed the hearts of our children.