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We all hope that childhood will be a magical time of snuggles, love, exploration, discovery, innocence and hope for the children we care about.

But imagine a child, let’s call her Ioana. She is only four years old, living in a rural village in Romania. She has four older siblings, and her oldest sister, Eva, scrapes dried bits of polenta that was cooked days ago from a crusty pot to feed her.

Polenta-potThe house doesn’t have running water, and Ioana has not had a bath in weeks. Her dirt streaked skin is itchy with flea bites and lice. She hasn’t seen her mother or father in days. The last time her parents came home, the house was filled with the strong smell of alcohol and the scary sounds of screaming, dull thudding of fists beating flesh and loud crashing noises as dishes, lamps, and other objects were thrown around in the fight. Ioana and her brothers and sisters tried to hide, huddled together in fear. Ioana started to shriek and cry, which infuriated her father even more and he shook her shoulders, shouting angrily.

You can provide a safe and loving home

Though this is a scenario we have compiled  – all of the elements reflect actual stories of the children we meet when they come to Familia AMURTEL through the child protection services. They are in need of a safe, loving home. They come from families ravaged by alcohol abuse, violence, extreme poverty, neglect, illiteracy and mental illness in different combinations. In some cases, other siblings did not survive.  At such a young age, they have been through scenes that are unimaginable for most of us.

When the child protection department finally intervenes, and children are taken out of such nightmarish situations, siblings are often separated and sent to different institutions or foster homes.

Imagine the joy you could bring to Ioana when she is reunited with her brothers and sisters, and they get to stay altogether.

When you become a sponsor, you will have helped a child like Ioana to be welcomed into our home.  Your support would mean that she could enjoy the full, loving attention of Mirela, Luminita, and Irina, our small team of main caregivers. Ioana could also receive the support of Violeta and Corina, our social workers. She would have warm, nutritious meals cooked by Lily,  Marina’s all-important help with schoolwork, and regular access to therapy with Ana to support her healing journey

As Ioana has the chance to explore and discover her talents, you could help her to access extra music classes, or take karate!  You can send encouraging letters and your Ioana will grow up knowing that she has someone who believes in her and wants her to succeed.

Imagine Ioana’s pride, when she knows that you are there in the audience when she steps on stage to act in one of Familia AMURTEL’s creative theater performances!


(this video has subtitles in English)

You can make a difference

At Familia AMURTEL, there are children, just like Ioana,  that are waiting to have someone like you enter into their lives and help them to feel special. Unfortunately, not all children are born into situations with the support of a family that believes in them, that see their potential and that never give up on them. “It takes a village” to raise a child. That is why you can make a difference.

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • A welcome package, to help you to get to know the child you are sponsoring
  • A monthly donor newsletter, keeping you up to date with the activities and progress in the home and after-school center
  • An invitation to join the Facebook group exclusively for sponsors, sharing videos, photos, and posts
  • An annual greeting with a recent photo of your child and update on her progress  (you can choose paperless or printed)
  • The opportunity to send holiday gifts and letters or messages – which the children love to get!
  • Invitations to visit the home during special events – like our famous theater performances!

We look forward to building a strong relationship with you over the years to come, and the children look forward to the help that you can give them!

Start helping a child now… with a sponsorship

Becoming a sponsor is simple. First, choose a monthly donation level from the list below:

  • To provide your child with access to loving care, healthy food, clothing, therapy, and a warm house – click here to donate $100 USD / month 
  • To ensure your child has warm meals and help with homework to improve their future:  $50 USD / month
  • To guarantee your child has healthy food every day: $25 USD / month

Your gift will be processed via paypal, and can be set up with any bank or credit card. Each month,  you will receive a confirmation when your donation is received.

Helping is simple, please fill out the following form so you can begin to help a child in need now:

First and Last Name (mandatory)

Email address (mandatory)

Country of residence (mandatory)

My motivation and hopes in becoming a sponsor

How can I enrich a child's life? Please mention any hobbies, passions or skills that may help us to make a good match with one of the children.

I am ready to contribute the following amount monthly:

Anything you want to add?

Once you have completed these simple steps, we will then send you a confidentiality contract – this helps safeguard the children.  Simply sign this and send back. We will send you your personalized introduction to the home and your sponsored child, with photos and suggestions about the next steps in building your relationship.

We’re excited that you’re joining the family. If you have any questions at all do email us!