Our team

Meet Our Dedicated Caregivers at AMURTEL Family Children’s Home

  • Mirela (Director): A motherly figure, Mirela brings stability and wisdom to our home, leading the team with calmness and grace.
  • Violeta (Social Worker): Known for her warmth and dedication, Violeta works wholeheartedly to create a loving environment for the children in our care.
  • Vica (Sunshine): Always cheerful and creative, Vika forms strong bonds with the children through playfulness and positivity.
  • Nicusor (Father Figure : Balancing gentleness with firmness, Nicusor serves as a wholesome role model, engaging the children in outdoor activities and teaching valuable skills.
  • Gabriela (Artistic): With a loving and organized approach, Gabriela adds an artistic touch to our home, nurturing the children’s creativity.
  • Lili (Cook): Lili’s delicious meals are prepared with love, making every dish a special treat for the children.
  • Miora & Liliana (Overnight Caregivers): Providing a grandmotherly presence, Miora and Liliana offer comfort and support through games and empathy during nighttime hours.
  • Marina (Tutor): Marina assists the children with their studies, offering tutoring and homework help to ensure their academic success.
  • Corina (Case Manager): Supporting family integration, Corina visits children’s families and prepares them for adulthood with care and guidance.
  • Gabi (Psychologist): Through individual and group sessions, Gabi provides essential emotional support to help the children thrive.

Together, our team of caregivers at AMURTEL Family Children’s Home creates a warm, loving environment where every child feels valued and supported on their journey towards a brighter future.

Meet our management team

  • Didi Ananda Devapriya (President): Born in the USA, but now a Romanian citizen having lived in Romania since 2005, Didi Ananda Devapriya is an expert in Neohumanist Education and a trained yoga and meditation teacher. She offers problem-solving support, organizes special excursions for the children, communicates with donors, and teaches stress management techniques to enhance the children’s resilience.
  • Didi Ananda Madhupurna (Executive Director): Coming from Bali, Didi Ananda Madhupurna is also well-versed in Neohumanist Education and yoga instruction. She collaborates with the caregiving team, provides advice, and organizes various initiatives to benefit the children under the care of AMURTEL Family.
  • Alexandra (Administrative Director): Alexandra efficiently manages communication with supporters, keeping them informed about the home’s activities and developments.
  • Laura (Finance Director): Laura ensures financial transparency by providing detailed reports and effectively managing the budget to support the home’s operations.

Together, this dedicated management team at AMURTEL Family Children’s Home works tirelessly to create a nurturing environment where children can thrive and receive the care they need to grow into confident and resilient individuals.