(English) Illustrated children’s storybook to promote diversity


The “We all Have a Story” project, funded by a grant from the NGO Fund,  SEE Grants 2009 – 2014  which concluded in April was a very satisfying success.  Our team was particularly proud of the illustrated children’s storybook, “Horses from the Land of the Rainbow” produced within the project. The book contains ten stories that promote positive attitudes towards diversity.  Several of the stories were written by Susan Perrow, who generously offered copyright permission to reproduce several stories from the book “Healing Stories for Challenging Behavior” published by Hawthorn Press. Didi Devapriya also wrote three of the stories and adapted a traditional African tale. We were very grateful to our Italian volunteer, Vistara Verena Dallaserra for the beautiful watercolor paintings that brought the stories to life, and to Isabela Boboc for her translations.
A book launch was held in the “Carturesti” bookstore downtown, and about 60 people attended, including many of the teachers who had participated in the “We all have a Story” training, as well as other interested people. Several of the stories were read to the audience, who received free copies of the book.  We are very happy that this resource will reach so many children as the teachers we worked with use it in their classrooms.
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