Easter Bag Hunt


On Easter Sunday,  the children of AMURTEL Family gathered together with Mirela, Gopi,  Nicușor, Karuna, and Didi for a picnic on the grassy lawn dotted with sunny dandelions of a nearby traditional village house that Gopi is renovating.

The Easter morning picnic brunch is one of AMURTEL Family’s annual traditions, following an often sleepless night. The older children enjoy the challenge of waking up at midnight to gather together with the whole community at the church, lighting candles in the darkness and singing a mass together that lasts until dawn.

The next morning, the older children set up the picnic together with Didi and hid hand-made bags filled with goodies for the others to find. They had made the bags themselves, as Familia AMURTEL has an ecologically minded, Neohumanist Easter Bunny. The cloth bags were filled with sweets and small surprises, like bubbles!

The younger ones then arrived excited to start the hunt – finding their bags hidden in the woodpile, or in a bucket suspended inside the well, or perhaps dangling from a high tree-branch!   One of the biggest pleasures of the day, however, was when Didi gave the children Easter baskets to hide for the caregivers.  The children were shouting with so much excitement and joy as they led Mirela and Nicușor around the garden to search for their baskets.  They were so delighted by the opportunity to give a similar surprise to their loved ones as they had just received.

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